Ballina’s Big Prawn

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G’day. My name’s Paris and I currently working in a communications role in Canberra, Australia. These are stories from today, and former days in diverse places.

I’ve been a puppet “news” reader for the Communist Party of China’s English radio service, a mature-age student at a university in China’s ice capital, Harbin, and an officer in Australia’s consulate in Shanghai. I’ve been a journalist in a few cities, worked for a senator in Australia, and been a spokesman for a local government peak body.

Mad about words, liveable cities, books, electric bikes and vehicles, cinema, and life.

I grew up near Ballina’s Big Prawn (pictured) and could see it from our bathroom window. I climbed it as a kid during its construction, worked there when it was a restaurant, and whacked cane toads with hockey sticks when it stood near sugar cane fields.

I can be found organising activities for the Belconnen group of Canberra sustainability organisation, SEE-Change, baking banitsa – Bulgaria’s cheesy gift to humanity – and being walked by our retired greyhound, Dot.